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Managing Emotional Stress & Overwhelm with Kinesiology

Show summary:

Kinesiologist Sonia Munafo dives into the world of kinesiology and explains how it can help you overcome stress and overwhelm to live a more balanced and harmonious life. Find out what kinesiology is and how it works on a structural/physical, nutritional and emotional/mental level. Sonia discusses muscle testing and the kinesiology techniques that can be used to identify and release physical and emotional blockages.

What you’ll learn:

  • How kinesiology differs from other therapeutic modalities.
  • What muscle testing is and how it is used in kinesiology to identify nutritional and emotional imbalances.
  • How kinesiology can be used to restore emotional well-being if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Using kinesiology to release energetic blockages and address phobias and addictions.
  • How kinesiology integrates with other holistic approaches like nutrition and naturopathy.
  • Kinesiology techniques you can try at home to alleviate stress.
  • An overview of CNM’s kinesiology foundation course and how it can help you create more balance in your life.

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Guest Bio:

Sonia is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness who is trained in Kinesiology, Somatic Movement Therapy and Nutritional Therapy. She is also a Pilates and Yoga Teacher. As an educator and facilitator, Sonia consciously empowers her clients to enhance their Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools to embody healthy habits and behaviours. Through her own health challenges, having been diagnosed with Lupus in 2013, Sonia went on a healing journey of her own and is now an experienced Kinesiologist helping others do the same. Sonia also teaches kinesiology at CNM and runs workshops and one-to-one training in different modalities.


Sonia Munafo

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