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Liver Health & Detoxification

Show summary:

Nutritional Therapist Mays Al-Ali discusses liver health and detoxification. She explains how the liver works, the signs and symptoms of toxin overload, and the dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors that negatively affect liver function. Mays shares her tips and advice on how to detox your liver safely with food and nutrition, fasting and herbal medicine. This is a must-listen episode for anyone wanting to optimise liver health.

What you’ll learn:

  • The role of liver in the body and the three phases of liver detoxification.
  • Dietary and lifestyle habits and environmental toxins that negatively impact the liver.
  • Signs and symptoms of an overburdened liver and the long-term health issues associated with liver toxicity.
  • Liver function tests and how these tests can be accessed.
  • The best times to do a detox and how to prevent detox reactions.
  • What foods should be eaten and avoided during a detox.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits and daily practices to support liver function.
  • The role of fasting, exercising and pre-cleansing when detoxing.
  • Herbs and nutraceuticals to optimise liver health.

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Guest Bio:

Mays is an ANP registered, qualified Nutritionist specialising in naturopathic healing with a functional medicine perspective. Mays loves to help her clients find their inner health with personalised diet and lifestyle plans that incorporate the latest clinical research, and lab and genetic testing. Mays supports clients with gut healing, liver cleansing, hormone balancing, corporate stress, insomnia and anxiety. She’s also a registered yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher who loves hosting transformational yoga and nutrition retreats with two retreats coming up this in Ibiza this year.


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