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How to Recover from Burnout

Show summary:

Doctor and Health Coach, Joyce Reed, talks about burnout from stress. She explains how stress affects your emotional and physical wellbeing and the signs and symptoms to look out for when you’re burnt out. Joyce also shares her health coaching tips and advice on how to recover from burnout though diet and lifestyle.

What you’ll learn:

  • What a Health Coach is and how they work.
  • How burnout affects the body and the key signs and symptoms to look out for.
  • The causes of burnout and the dietary and lifestyle factors that exacerbate symptoms.
  • An overview of the stress response and what happens in the body when you get stressed.
  • The long-term health complications of burnout.
  • How to address burnout with health coaching strategies.
  • Dietary and lifestyle tips to help you recover from burnout.
  • Daily practices to assist with burnout.

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Guest Bio:

Joyce worked as hospital doctor and Paediatrician in the NHS for 12 years before suffering from emotional and physical burnout 5 years ago. She had a growing sense that there was more to health than prescribing drugs to cover symptoms. During her recovery, Joyce partnered with her husband Professor Mark Reed in their academic training company Fast Track Impact. In order to heal herself, Joyce began prioritising her health and wellbeing and learnt from direct experience that lifestyle changes do really work. She realised that supporting people with their health and wellbeing was still a deeply held desire so Joyce enrolled in CNM’s Health Coach Diploma. She now trains and coaches in health and wellbeing across the academic sector and with private clients, empowering people to adopt a better work-life balance and address the key issues driving their stress and burnout.


Dr Joyce Reed Health Coach

Book: Permission to Feel by Professor Marc Brackett

Self-compassion institute: Emotional intelligence tool

CNM’s Health Coach Diploma

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