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How to Manage PMS Naturally

Show summary:

Nutritional Therapist and CNM graduate, Melissa Cahill, discusses hormone health and PMS. She explains how the female reproductive system works and what is happening at a cellular level every month. Melissa gives insight into the causes of PMS and offers her advice on how PMS can be managed naturally through diet and lifestyle.

What you’ll learn:

  • Melissa’s health story and how she overcame an eating disorder and hormonal complications.
  • An overview of the female reproductive system and the hormones involved in regulating a woman’s cycle.
  • The different types of PMS, including the causes and the symptoms involved.
  • Why hormonal symptoms vary from woman to woman.
  • Factors that exacerbate PMS and the dietary and lifestyle habits that make symptoms worse.
  • The impact stress has on hormone health.
  • Natural solutions to manage PMS, improve hormone health and alleviate PMS symptoms.

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Guest Bio:

Melissa Cahill is the founder of Nona Nutrition and she also practices from a busy clinic in Cork in Ireland. Melissa has a special interest in women’s health and has undergone further training in the female reproductive system, pregnancy care and natural fertility management. She helps women establish a healthy diet and lifestyle, enabling them to support their hormones and prevent long-term hormonal complications. Melissa’s goal is to help educate, guide and support women on their journey to achieve optimal health.


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