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How to detox your house and body

Show summary:

Naturopath and CNM graduate Izzy Kirkby discusses detoxification and how to reduce toxic load. Discover which harmful toxins may be lurking in your home and the environmental toxins you’re potentially being exposed to on a daily basis. Learn how the body excretes toxins, which key foods and nutrients support detoxification and how to heal the gut through diet. Izzy also shares how she transformed her health and has built a successful career as a naturopath.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Izzy kept falling asleep at university and how she finally got to the bottom of her health issues.
  • How studying nutrition and naturopathy at CNM changed Izzy’s life and how she’s built a successful career as a naturopathic practitioner.
  • An overview of detoxification and how the body excretes toxins.
  • The impact toxins have on hormones and how environmental factors affect hormone health.
  • The shocking number of harmful toxins lurking in homes and environmental toxins you could be exposed to on a daily basis.
  • The role of the gut in detoxification and Izzy’s three-step process for improving gut function.
  • Key nutrients and foods to aid detoxification and support the gut and liver.
  • Izzy’s tips and advice on reducing toxic load and detoxing your house and body from harmful toxins.

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About Izzy:

Izzy Kirkby is the founder of Izzy Living and a qualified naturopath. After discovering the power of plants on her own health journey, Izzy trained in naturopathy and nutritional therapy at CNM with the intention of sharing this knowledge with others. She has also studied a range of other natural therapies including Ayurveda and Western Herbalism which she uses in her practice. Her approach combines science and biochemistry with traditional naturopathic techniques so her clients can achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Izzy works with private clients, specialising in women’s health. She also runs events and workshops teaching people about how they can feel better using natural medicine.


Izzy Living – Izzy’s website and clinic

The hundred year lie by Randall Fitzgerald

The Toxin Solution by Dr Joseph Pizzorno

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Herbal Medicine Diploma

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