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How to Deal with Sugar Cravings

Show summary:

Nutritional Therapist Mays Al-Ali discusses blood sugar regulation and how to manage sugar cravings. She explains what happens in the body when we eat food, the dietary and lifestyle factors that impact blood sugar levels and why we crave certain foods. Mays also details the health complications associated with impaired blood sugar regulation including hormone issues and weight gain. She offers her tips and advice on how cravings and blood sugar levels can be managed naturally.

What you’ll learn:

  • The steps Mays took to transition from a stressful job in advertising to a career in nutrition.
  • How the body regulates blood sugar levels and what is happening at a cellular when we eat food, including the role of the pancreas and the purpose of insulin.
  • The cause of food cravings and why we crave certain foods.
  • Why stress is so detrimental for blood sugar regulation and how it increases cravings.
  • The culprit foods and lifestyle habits which lead to poor blood sugar metabolism, cravings and weight gain.
  • The impact of genetics on weight management and blood sugar regulation.
  • The health implications and conditions associated with poor blood sugar regulation including hormone issues, obesity and metabolic disorders.
  • How to manage cravings and balance blood sugar levels through diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

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Guest Bio:

Mays is an ANP registered, qualified Nutritionist specialising in naturopathic healing with a functional medicine perspective. Mays loves to help her clients find their inner health with personalised diet and lifestyle plans, incorporating the latest clinical research, lab and genetic testing. Mays has been teaching and studying yoga for the last eight years and she loves hosting global transformational wellness and yoga retreats around the world.


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