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How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Show summary:

Naturopathic Health Coach Izzy Walton discusses health coaching for women’s health and hormonal imbalance. She explains the common causes of hormone imbalance, dietary and lifestyle triggers that exacerbate symptoms and how a Health Coach can support women with hormone health.

What you’ll learn:

  • What a Naturopathic Health Coach is, how they work and what they can help with
  • The common causes of hormonal imbalance and associated symptoms
  • How stress, sleep, diet and environmental factors impact hormones
  • Foods that promote healthy hormones and foods that exacerbate symptoms
  • Health coaching tips and advice for managing hormonal issues
  • Lifestyle habits and daily practices to balance hormones

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Guest Bio:

Izzy Walton is a Naturopathic Health Coach and yoga teacher. She is passionate about supporting women with natural health tools and empowering them to make long lasting positive changes whilst delivering bespoke coaching based on naturopathic principles. Since graduating from CNM, Izzy has built her health coaching business, Nourish & Flow, offering 1:1 coaching, workshops, retreats and wellness events. She is the creator of sell-out programmes on perimenopause and is often invited to speak on hormone health and health coaching at events and festivals. Izzy is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, the UK Health Coaching Association and the Yoga Alliance. Izzy’s unique coaching packages often include yoga which helps women find balance in their everyday lives.


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