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How to Exercise Properly

Show summary:

Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist, Keris Marsden, discusses the role of exercise in optimal health and how to implement an exercise routine that works for you. She busts common exercise myths and explains the training mistakes people make when doing exercise. Keris also shares her dietary recommendations for maintaining energy levels and performance during training and the best foods to eat for recovery.

What you’ll learn:

  • How exercising at university completely transformed Keris’ mood, energy and confidence, and how she’s built a hugely successful career and business in health and fitness.
  • Why daily exercise is essential for health, to protect your body against infectious diseases and chronic health conditions.
  • The key mistakes people make when exercising and common exercise myths to disregard. Learn how to implement an exercise routine that works for you.
  • Why weight bearing exercises are essential for bone health, especially in women, and the types of exercise you can do to improve joint and muscle health.
  • How to improve your body composition and build leaner muscles (as opposed to bulky muscles), especially for women.
  • Why high intensity exercising isn’t as beneficial for your body as you might think.
  • What food you should eat pre and post workout to maintain energy levels and help with recovery.
  • How to use your body’s queues (appetite, menstrual cycle, hormones and libido) as a marker for how your body is responding to an exercise regime.

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Guest Bio:

Keris is the co-founder of the health and fitness brand Fitter Food, a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. She has co-authored two successful books, lectures in nutrition at CNM and coaches individuals to transform their health with optimal nutrition and positive lifestyle habits. She believes no qualification has taught her more about wellbeing than her dog, Hamish. He inspires her daily to get outside, enjoy every moment, take naps and do several downward dogs a day.


Fitter Food

Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma

Nutrition for Everyday Living

Health Coach Diploma

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