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Exercise for Stress Management

Show summary:

Nutritionist and Exercise Coach, Gideon Remfry, discusses what happens to the body when we get stressed and the role of exercise in stress management. He explains the dietary and lifestyle factors that contribute to stress in the body and how using mindful exercise routines can reduce stress. Gideon also covers fasting, exercise through the life stages and key nutrients needed when working out.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the stress response is and what is happening on a cellular level when someone is stressed.
  • The dietary and lifestyle factors that contribute to stress in the body.
  • How exercise benefits the body in times of stress and the best types of exercise routines to reduce stress.
  • How exercise should be adapted through the life stages and the factors that need to be considered.
  • Mindful exercise – what it means and how to adopt a mindful exercise routine.
  • Exercise when fasting – should you do it?
  • Key nutrients the body needs when exercising and the role of antioxidants when working out.

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Guest Bio:

Gideon Remfry is a Nutritionist and Exercise Coach who runs nutrition clinics at Harrods and lectures the sports nutrition modules at CNM. Cited as one of the “top 25 trainers in the World” by Men’s Fitness, Gideon has an MSc in Integrated Health and has coached top celebrities and sports personalities including Kylie, Adele, Ethan Hawk and Shane McGuigan.


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